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25030 Roncadelle, Province of Brescia, Italy
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In over thirty five years invested in the motoring collectibles I have developed a wide experience and knowledge through a whole life of passion. Since the 1970’s and through into the growth of collecting I have managed all aspects of the world of classic vehicles: commerce, restoration and service workshop, spare parts, import and export. As promoter of the first collectors’ vehicle auctions in Italy I adopted this primarily Anglo-Saxon merchandising tool in the role of organiser, selector and auctioneer. In the innovative sector of classic vehicle hire I organised motoring rallies and events, offering an original way for companies to motivate and instil trust in employees and clients alike. With experience in the commercialisation of thousands of vehicles and management of the restoration of hundreds, I have a complete professional understanding of the world of classic automobiles. As Consultant I am available for clients who require a stable contact to be able to operate in a risk and trouble-free manner within the often complex world of classic vehicle collecting. Do not hesitate to contact me for information, advice, estimates or even simply just to chat between like-minded people. In my web site every one of you will find interesting opportunities and signing up to the newsletter you will be updated on new initiatives, rallies, events and information from the world of classic vehicles. CONSULTANCY FOR PURCHASES, SALES AND NEGOTIATIONS MANAGEMENT If your commitments do not allow you to dedicate time to your collection I am able to guarantee operation with the maximum transparency and with your exclusive interests in mind. I receive payment only from the client who awards me a contract. If I am successful in acquiring the vehicle you are interested in at a lower than foreseen price, the saving is all yours. CONSULTANCY FOR FINANCIAL INVESTMENT IN COLLECTORS’ VEHICLES If you would like to invest your money in a safe manner I can assist and advise you, indicating the direction which will best satisfy your requirements. CHOOSING A COLLECTORS’ CAR IS A GREAT INVESTMENT The capital is guaranteed through a real reference market Management costs are contained and under control Sale of the vehicle does not lead to any risk of loss The annual financial performance is better than any other form of investment No financial investment can ever give you the concrete pleasure of possessing and driving a classic vehicle. VALUATIONS OF INDIVIDUAL VEHICLES OR COMPLETE COLLECTIONS If you require objective consulting and impartial information, thanks to my consistent and continued scanning of the market I am able to provide you with the updated values of your collection. REALISTIC MARKET QUOTATIONS Many years spent in business have taught me to recognise good purchases and especially to know the real value of historic vehicles on the basis of commercial market business and not the generalised and often contradictory quotations in the sector publications. PRE-PURCHASE TECHNICAL INSPECTIONS IN ITALY AND ABROAD If you have found a vehicle you would like to purchase but cannot decide if it is a good buy, I will make my technical expertise available to you. I will check for rust, any previous accidents and test drive as well as verify documentation and check chassis and engine numbers, guaranteeing a secure and safe investment. CONSULTATION FOR THE MANAGEMNENT AND OPTIMISATION OF RESTORATIONS The restoration of classic vehicles can be a great unknown for those outside the industry. It happens often that collectors themselves are uncertain as to whether to begin a restoration or let it go. Unfortunately it happens many times that this realisation occurs at the half-way stage but by then it is too late. It can also happen that after spending significant amounts of money you are faced with a completely disassembled vehicle without knowing with any certainty when the job will be finished. Restorations must be developed on the basis of a well-defined project that should be planned accurately with a completion date in mind. I can also assist you in this field to avoid committing errors and according to the following guidelines: Evaluation of the condition and importance of the vehicle Choosing the restoration type (total, partial, commercial) Planning the length of the project Financial estimations of the restoration in the various specialisation areas Contract costs management, work times and penalties Choice of competent and well known specialists to whom the work can be contracted Checking and verifying all the various phases of the restoration work Management and co-ordination of the specialist areas Optimisation and rationalisation of time and costs Production of all documentation, including photographing work progress. INSURANCE AND TECHNICAL INSPECTIONS TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT IN ITALY AND ABROAD

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