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The origins and history It all began in 1968. This is the story of two parallel lives The legendary Number One, a 1951 MG TD inevitably English and still with its original plate PPK 877 and Valerio Luzzago whose collection still stands unchallenged and inalienable. Valerio was struggling with the university and with the codes, but the "sixty-eight" made its influence felt and his revolution. Valerio rebelled against the conformity and decided that Number One was to be his first car The pursued in the suburbs of London, the subdued over the Alps to the mountains and passes still not violated by the tunnel. The snow coming in through the holes in the body to get out of other holes. Up to Brescia Day after day, piece by piece the dismounted and remounted. He gave her a new body and a new soul. And one fine day in the spring of 1969 he returned to take the Number One new life with a new partner. 1975 - A large entrepreneurial passion became a reality. Established the first company in the industry. Only five years later welded between their passion and way of life to make of ' cars' age their daily work . Valerio Luzzago invented so the collecting of ' classic cars like commercial phenomenon . Phenomenon that did not exist on the market and not only in Italy . In magazines car was relegated to ' offer occasional old car used by some private In 2010 it was time to make room for the new generation to ensure the natural continuation and today ' rotation tomorrow . Valerio is joined by his sons Nicholas and Ottavio in the perspective that new ideas and enthusiasm of their twenty years knew better interpret the world of young lovers and even more to develop Luzzago Ltd. . 2012/2013 - A company-which over decades, while the interplay of events, maintained in the name of a continuity of image. In 2012 assessments were imposed on the personal property of Luzzago srl different choices. But if the economic crisis has weighed on the sector deeply in Italy, the international market was very dynamic and the value of an established brand and known throughout the world as "Luzzago" could not escape the attention of foreign investors. Hence the decision of these to acquire the brand and make their own story about a company that over 42 years later is still the first and peerless reality of the industry with the 'experience of more than ten thousand cars sold. Thus was born the Luzzago 1975 srl that will continue the journey that began back in 1975 with the indispensable collaboration of the founder Valerio and son Ottavio e Nicolò

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