NZD $26500

1997 Jaguar XK8

Car Details
Body Convertible
Mileage 152398
Year 1997
Fuel type Petrol
Engine 4000
Transmission Automatic
Exterior Color British Racing Green
Interior Color Beige
Seller Note

The Jaguar XK8 launched in 1996 to replace the XJ-S. Its V8 is not only powerful but also smooth and provides a surge of pulling power that makes it a pleasure to drive.

In terms of competition the XK8 may not be as accomplished to drive as the Porsche 911and may not enjoy the same level of reliability as a Mercedes CL but as a package it provides a hugely likeable grand tourer that has an impressive turn of speed.


Immaculate Condition, as you can see from photos.
The first thing you notice when driving this car is the wonderful noise from the quad-cam 42 valve V8 engine. All 290bhp is put through the rear wheels, and the big engine makes it handle like a car should. Plenty of tail-out action is on the cards and the auto ‘box is a bit of a hindrance for this sort of driving, but comes into its own when you point it down a long, empty stretch of road.
The XK8 is a grand tourer like no other. Cruising is effortless, the cabin quiet and hugely luxurious. Most comfortable in everyday driving. The ride is as smooth as any you’ll find, the drive as involving as you want it to be.
Beautiful body and factory paint
This modern classic is a veritable treasure trove for those looking for a bargain supercar boasting E-type looks and pace yet for MGB money. Very easy and affordable to maintain.
Car will be sold with new alloy chain tensioners and water pump fitted at time of sale.
Some seriously fast high-performance classics have never been as affordable to buy as they are now and old Jags are traditionally a prime example. The flip side is that too many really quick cars come with the prospect of big bills because of high parts prices or inherent fragility. Not where the XK8’s are concerned though – you really can have it all.

Performance Car didn’t mince its words after its first drive of an XK8 in autumn 1996. The review started: “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll take this advice. Phone your bank manager, re-mortgage the house, rummage down the back of the sofa, sell a kidney if you have to, but make sure you scrape enough money together to buy a Jaguar XK8”. There then followed another 10 pages in much the same vein, including: “The good news for us and Jaguar is you won’t sit behind a more soulful V8 anywhere. You grow to respect a BMW V8, but you’ll fall in love with the Jaguar motor instantly. It’s got real character as well as class-leading refinement… The gearbox is so good, you come to regard it as a clutchless manual, rather than a lazy sludge-pump… So where’s the catch? Well, there isn’t one. You can lust after an XK8 without needing to come up with any excuses at all. It is without doubt the most exciting car of 1996, and the most important British sports car of the decade. It’s got the pace, the style, the quality, and the ‘must have one’ appeal”.

This car is FULLY COMPLIED and will be sold WOF’d and Registered.