NZD $59990

1967 Peugeot 404

Car Details
Body Convertible
Mileage 59615
Year 1967
Fuel type Petrol
Engine 1618
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color White
Interior Color Black
VIN: 6801867
Seller Note
Seller Note

1967 Peugeot 404 Convertible Pininfarina.
The French Injection!

The production of the 404 C was certainly an international affair.

Peugeot shipped assembled floorpans by rail to Pininfarina’s factory in Grugliasco, a western suburb of Turin, where the body panels were pressed and installed. Pininfarina painted the body shells and installed the interiors before sending the cars back to Sochaux, where they gained their powertrains.


Chassis #:`6801867
Rear Wheel Drive – capable of 157 km/hour as declared by factory.
This cabriolet, thanks to its excellent proportions, looks slightly larger in photos than it is in real life and is roughly the same size as a contemporary Aston Martin DB6. Thin A-pillars and chrome-edged windows give an air of lightness, while the rear-fender haunches and sweeping character lines down the flanks give the unmistakable impression of power and speed.
The cabin is spacious, with easy entry, and, despite their Italian origins, the well-upholstered bucket seats are in the classic French style, favoring comfort over support.
Plenty of room in the back seat for two adults to make themselves comfortable. Through the horn ring of the two-spoke steering wheel, the three round dials of the instrument panel are easy to see; the center dial is the speedometer, with a combination gauge for fuel level, coolant temperature and amperes on the left, and a clock with a sweep second hand on the right.
The engine starts promptly, and is barely audible at idle, thanks to its smoothness and an abundance of sound-deadening.
Four-speed coloumn shift with a well behaved clutch.
Did someone say this car has a 1.6-liter, pushrod four? I’m tempted to pull over to count spark plug wires, to see if I’ve pulled a fast one. No, it’s not a hot rod, but the performance is certainly spunky, and the engine is amazingly flexible and lug-proof. There might be only 96 ponies on the other end of the accelerator pedal, but each one is pulling for all it’s worth. The engine never sounds strained or thrashy, producing nothing louder than an unobtrusive whir at all speeds.
The unassisted steering is light and direct, and the ride is both compliant and firm. Broken pavement just disappears under the car, as if by magic, with not a squeak or a rattle to be heard.
Cornering at normal speeds induces minimal body lean. There’s nothing awfully sophisticated underneath–coil springs all around, with the rear live axle located by a Panhard rod, just as with the sedan–but it all works beautifully.
The performance of the four-wheel drum brakes perform extremely well.
This zestier than you’d think, beautifully constructed Cabriolet would be perfect for a road trip on a nice sunny day.
Only 3728 Cabriolets were built and very few of these were in factory RHD.
This car was Imported from England and first registered in New Zealand in 1991.
Immaculate Condition throughout – first to see will buy.
This rare Voitures de Prestige, Super Luxe Cabriolet is an amazing car – both in looks and performance.Something different; classic motoring with a french elegance to enjoy with all the family.

Car will be sold WOF’d and Registered, if sold in New Zealand.