1935 Rolls-Royce 20/25

Car Details
Body Saloon
Mileage N/A
Year 1935
Fuel type Petrol
Engine N/A
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Green and black
Interior Color Tan
Seller Note

An unusual, interesting & spacious saloon with various appealing interior features, & in fascinating ‘oily rag’ condition, named ‘Quirky’ by an earlier owner, who bought the car from us in 2013. The car is very sound & correct, tall in design, perhaps intended for wearing top hats! The interior, which has been very sensitively refurbished, incorporates buttoned ‘Morocco Fawn’ leather seating, broad lace, cord and rosette ornamentation, grab handles and a very large sunroof all of which are original and documented. Externally, the car benefits from twin side mounted spare wheels, a set of six ‘Ace’ wheel discs, a correct set of lamps & horns, and quarter bumpers to the rear, all of which add character. Still in its original dark green & black colour scheme, shabby but very appealing. A great car to use cosmetically ‘as is’.

Chassis No. GSF58 Reg No. AKD 796

Snippets: The Bottle Shop & Operation Musketeer
Ordered by John Schofield Cannington of No. 1 Windermere Terrace, Princes Park, Liverpool; the Park was designed in 1842 by Joseph Paxton, head gardener at Chatsworth House; in 1851, Paxton, in collaboration with Prince Albert also designed the venue for the Great Exhibition – Crystal Palace – for which he received a knighthood. In 1866 Edwin Cannington (John’s father), John Shaw & John Cannington (Uncle to John Schofield Cannington) had become partners forming “Cannington & Shaw Bottle Shop” & in 1913 the firm merged with Nuttall & Co with the new company name of “United Glass Bottle Manufacturers”. After the death of John Schofield Cannington in 1955 it would appear that GSF58 was acquired by Captain Hector Charles Donald MacLean – during the Suez Crisis (1956/57) he commanded HMS Eagle & during Operation Musketeer (The Anglo-French plan to invade & capture the Suez Canal zone) Capt. MacLean received a personal letter of congratulation from Mountbatten of Burma (1st Sea Lord). During WWII Capt Hector McLean had served on HMS Cossack, HMS Ark Royal (sunk in 1941) & HMS Anson. The 3rd owner of GSF58 was J M Salt of Lyndcroft Gardens, Ewell (the name is a derivative of Aewiell – “The Spring at the Head of the River), Ewell was also the location of “Nonsuch Palace” which was built in 1538 by Henry VIII to celebrate his 30 years of reign. After Henry’s death in 1547 his son King Edward gave a 21 year lease to Sir Thomas Cawarden who was arrested for treason in 1556! After Edward’s death his half-sister Queen Mary sold the Palace to Henry Fitzalan, twelfth Earl of Arundel who in 1559 entertained Queen Elizabeth I at the Palace. After the Earl’s death in 1580 the property was left to his son-in-law Lord Lumley and by 1592 the estate had been acquired by Elizabeth I.