Terms of service

Conditions for advertising on our worldwide classic car platforms,

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You can obtain a list of our classic car websites by asking via our contactpage.
The conditions as displayed here are for all the websites mentioned above.
Please read our conditions before you advertise on our classic and sportscars websites operated by our organisation.
As soon as you have registered yourself and advertised your car(s) or any other item, you have agreed to our conditions.
Our conditions will be altered if or when the situation asks for alteration.
You are kindly asked to follow the “house rules” of our organisation.
Any pornographic or discriminating advertisements will be taken off the website as soon as noticed, without noticing the advertising person in advance.

Article 1. Texts and offered items and/or services

Oldandyoungtimer / Classics24 / Classics-Oldtimers-Cars keep continious control over the contents, both texts and offerde items and/or services. As the texts of the offered items are uploaded by the advertisers, sometimes the contents may not be accurate or correct. However, we at Oldandyoungtimer / Classics24 / Classics-Oldtimers-Cars or other sistersites are not responsible for the contents of the advertisements.

Article 2. Your personal data

All the data neccessary for selling your item or delivering your service will be deleted from our database as soon as the item or service you provide is not longer available.
This might be after the item has been sold or after your advertising period has ended with our platform.
We will never use your data for any other purpose than selling your item(s) or offering your service(s).
When using our websites, all the information about the offered item or service should be up-to-date and correct.
When using our websites, you should be qualified to do financial handlings according to advertising on our platform.

Obviously, your data should be correct at the moment of placing the ads.

When asked by justice departments to help out and producing data, we will always ask our lawyer to advice us how to react. There must be enough reasonable doubt to help out at all.

As soon as you are “outside” our websites due to clicking on a banner or an advertised websitelink of one of our advertisers, you are no longer surfing under our “house rules”.
We will be no longer reponsible for the contents you may encounter.

Article 3. Copyright

All images (still or moving), being a part of the lay-out of the website(s) and all images advertised are copyrighted.
For the use of images and or texts available on our websites, there is ALWAYS written permission needed by the author or artist.

You can apply for a written permission via our contact page.

We from Oldandyoungtimer / Classics24 / Classics-Oldtimers-Cars or other sistersites will always protect our copyright in court and we will always advise our advertisers to do the same, they make the choice theirselves.

Article 4. Spam / Misuse of personal data

It is not allowed to use our advertisers´ contact information for anything else than the original use, advertising on our websites.
Collecting data of our advertisers will be taken serious and appropriate action will be taken.

Article 5. Liability: the purchased item / used service

Oldandyoungtimer / Classics24 / Classics-Oldtimers-Cars are not responsible for the textual content of the advertisements and/or the service offered.
Oldandyoungtimer / Classics24 / Classics-Oldtimers-Cars are not responsible for the general state of maintenance of the offered articles and/or the service offered.

Article 6. Liability: the price and availability of the advertised item(s)

Oldandyoungtimer / Classics24 / Classics-Oldtimers-Cars are not responsible for the prices mentioned next to the advertisements.
Always check with the seller for the actual price before you travel.
Always contact the seller if the item is still for sale before you travel

Article 7. Liability: the use of the sites

Oldandyoungtimer / Classics24 / Classics-Oldtimers-Cars are not responsible for the reactions that arise on the advertisement(s) you have placed.
Oldandyoungtimer / Classics24 / Classics-Oldtimers-Cars are therefore protected from any form of claims that may arise from the advertisement(s) or service placed by you or other advertisers, which may or may not have been developed in accordance with the agreement.

Article 8. Liability.

Oldandyoungtimer / Classics24 / Classics-Oldtimers-Cars applies Dutch law on its terms. Any legal disputes will be submitted by our lawyer to the judge in Amsterdam.

Article 9. Updating the sites.

Oldandyoungtimer / Classics24 / Classics-Oldtimers-Cars will continually update its sites, to promote its ease of use through the growing technique and to increase the security against outside abusers.

Article 10. Advertisements.

The advertiser is solely responsible for the content of the advertisement text, and the overall state of maintenance of the offered article or service.
The advertiser gives as complete picture of the item(s) to be sold or the offered service.
The description of the item and/or service should correspond to the actual state of maintenance of the advertised item.
The advertisement text is placed by the advertiser, so Oldandyoungtimer / Classics24 / Classics-Oldtimers-Cars are therefore never liable for the content of the advertiser´s text.
Oldandyoungtimer / Classics24 / Classics-Oldtimers-Cars are at all times authorized to amend or remove texts/ advertisements, if we feel the need or very good reason to do so.

Guidelines advertisements:

Oldandyoungtimer / Classics24 / Classics-Oldtimers-Cars do not have to provide a reason for change or removal, but we give a few guidelines:

1. advertisements with explicit pornographic and/or racist content, or which simply do not fit into the thinking of every right-minded person.

2. If there is a suspicion that illegal copies are offered in the advertisements (copyright-protected items, such as photographs, books, photography) or that stolen goods are offered.

Article 11. Payment

Oldandyoungtimer / Classics24 / Classics-Oldtimers-Cars charges private and business advertisers for placing advertising ads, the rates can be found here https://www.classics-oldtimers-cars.com/pricing/

Oldandyoungtimer / Classics24 / Classics-Oldtimers-Cars can block ads when we have doubts, we will always consult the advertiser.
Payment is done via bankwire or Paypal in advance. You´ll receive a digital payment receipt.
Companies receive an invoice with VAT.
The advertisements are shown after receiving of the full payment.

Article 12. Exclusion

Oldandyoungtimer / Classics24 / Classics-Oldtimers-Cars have the possibility to remove or refuse your advertisement and exclude you from further use of our websites, if you can not agree with the aforementioned conditions.

(last update 2018-06-21)